March 2022.

Thousands of meals are being prepared out of the newly built and fully equipped school kitchen at the West Coast’s Louwville High School. This newly built free-standing facility also allows the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA), to be able to provide two nutritional cooked meals daily, to more than 250 of the most vulnerable learners each day.

Funded by the nearby wind farm, Umoya Energy, the PSFA’s feeding programme is designed to not only alleviate hunger, but to also help build healthy immune systems and improve learning outcomes of school children. The funding covers daily cooked breakfasts and lunches for the entire year as well as a monthly stipend for two food preparers at this school.

“This is the second PFSA school feeding programme that we have supported within our local communities, as we recognise the importance of nutrition and sustenance for learners to thrive. Malnutrition and stunting is a barrier to learning and affects self-esteem and confidence,” said Veronique Isaacs, Community Operations Manager, for Umoya Energy Wind Farm.

This free-standing structure, which was handed over to the school late last year, was supplied by Breadline Africa, which partners with PSFA to provide infrastructure, in conjunction with a local construction company that built the shade port including seating benches for learners to enjoy their meals.

“The soup kitchen has given learners a sense of dignity, as they are able to sit and eat their meals, not having to stand and wait in line to be served. Furthermore, we find it encouraging that some of our learners have also taken responsibility for looking after the soup kitchen, showing pride in this new facility,” explained Mr Emile Petrus, Principal at Louwville High School.

He added saying, “Ideally, this experience will build learner confidence as they are ensured at least two nutritious meals each day.”

Umoya Energy in partnership with PSFA will continue to support the Louwville feeding programme during 2022.

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