May 2023.

Teachers and learners at Steynville Secondary School, in Piketberg, are set to benefit from a programme that will equip them with resources and improved methodology to tackle and demystify mathematics. Launched during April, the My Maths Buddy Project will run for a year and engage seven mathematics teachers, as well as 335 learners in grades 9 and 10, at the school.

This project, which is funded by Umoya Wind Farm in partnership with the South African Mathematics Foundation, is aimed at improving the quality of math teaching and learning in schools, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of math among learners, enhancing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and empowering teachers with effective teaching strategies and resources.

“The My Maths Buddy Project aligns perfectly with our Education Development Programme, which aims to empower youth in local communities by providing them with access to quality education and learning opportunities. By promoting the development of math skills among youth, this project contributes to building a strong foundation for their academic and professional success. It also helps to bridge the skills gap in STEM fields and supports the growth and development of these communities,” said Amber Zeeman, Community Liaison Officer for Umoya Energy Wind Farm.

The Project will be delivered in three phases, including Initial Teacher Seminar and Learner Workshops; Reinforcement Seminars, Review Workshops, Monitoring and Evaluation/Correction; as well as Full Project Analysis, Evaluation and Exit Reporting.

One of the participating teachers, Melanie Cruywagen from Steynville Secondary School, shared her thoughts on the project, saying, “Through this programme, I’ve learned that mathematics is a subject that learners often struggle with, and teachers have a hard time conveying the message correctly to help them understand it. But with the help of strong technology tools that show the reasons why learners struggle, this course with My Maths Buddy has made it so much easier for both learners and teachers to get involved and understand the terminology. As a result, I believe that fewer learners will end up taking Maths Literacy, and more will be able to implement mathematics in their lives which is a core subject.”

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