July 2022.                                                                                   

Grade R learners at the West Coast’s small Holvlei Primary School have enthusiastically started the third school term in a newly built classroom.  The new classroom was handed over by Umoya Energy Wind Farm, in late June, in a ceremony attended by the Principal, teachers, parents, SGB members and Mrs. Sally Meyer, the ECD Manager, West Coast Education District, Department of Basic Education.

As part of the project, the classroom has been fully equipped with educational equipment and furnishings.  Items such as storage cabinets, bookshelves, a sand pit, tables and chairs, whiteboards, pin boards, a variety of educational resources and materials, art equipment, resources for fine and gross motor skills, reading material as well as persona dolls were provided. 

Speaking at the hand-over event, Mr Witbooi, School Principal of Holvlei Primary, commented on the impact and the importance of this new classroom. “The hard work that went into this project is commendable and will ultimately benefit our young children.”

This forms part of Umoya Energy’s integrated school development programme, aptly called ‘the Wholeschool Development Programme’, which has been implemented through its service provider, Inclusive Education South Africa. 

Although there are currently only twelve Grade R learners there is a need community for the school to take on more.  Hence, the newly built fully functional classroom will enable the school to increase its intake next year.

“There was no space for the teacher to create the necessary learning areas within the classroom previously, this meant that the children didn’t have special zones for essential learning activities such as reading, art or creative exploration.  Recognising this, gave rise to the discussion around the need to procure an adequate facility which would stimulate learning and development,” explained Grant Titus, of Inclusive Education South Africa.

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