February 2022.

Sue Lynn Juries – Jaars runs a small cleaning business and is one of nine SMMEs that participated in a programme that aimed to support local women-owned fledgling companies. The programme which kicked-off in September 2021, ran for three-months during which period, it emphasised the benefits of Digital Enablement to support Hopefield SMMEs to actively utilise technology to grow their business.

“The programme helped me improve my business plan and budget in a significant way. My biggest takeaway was learning how to identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as developing ideas,” said Sue Lynn Juries-Jaars, owner of LJ Cleaning Solutions.

“As a result of this programme, I became familiar with modern techniques that have helped me grow my business into a wealth-generating machine. The sessions were insightful and helped me identify areas of weakness that need improvement, “she added.

This programme is a first-time collaboration between Umoya Energy Wind Farm and KROPZ Elandsfontein Mine under the guidance of ‘Africa’s Got Game’, the programme implementer. Umoya Energy and KROPZ both view this venture as a chance to create long-term sustainable impact within the Hopefield community by aligning their mutual objectives to stimulate local job creation and revenue growth.

“Over the past few years, we have learned how and where to implement effective programmes within the community of Hopefield. Based on our assessment of the needs and strategies that best meet the outlined goals, we moved forward in a collaborative effort since both partners have expertise that produces benefits greater than those achieved individually,” explained Veronique Isaacs, Community Operations Manager.

As part of this programme, participants received training in Computer Literacy and Digital Marketing, as well as equipment, the likes of laptop computers and the necessary software packages. Additionally, the training helps keep participants informed and up-to-date with regards to what’s current and how these skills are no longer a nice to have, but an essential aspect of a successful business.

“SMMEs welcomed this programme with open arms and seized the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills to become better business owners. However, these SMME’s have not been without challenges, and they required additional support, which was provided by Africa’s Got Game to help them meet their main objectives. We would also like to thank Hopefield Primary School for allowing us to use their computer lab,” said Isaacs.

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